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[23 Jan 2018]

The Southeast Asia Climbing Federation known as SEACF for short was established in Jakarta during Asian Championship 1996 by FPTI (Indonesia), PMM (Malaysia), dan SMF (Singapore).

Now, SEACF has seven members: SCAT (Thailand), SCAPI (Phillipinnes), BSCF (Brunei Darussalam), and CCF (Cambodia Climbing Federation) in addition to the founding members. We are still waiting climbing and mountaineering associations/federations from other ASEAN's country to join us..

The federation vision is to foster mountaineering and climbing community in the ASEAN region to the ultimate position in the civil society. This vision will be achieved through many mountaineering and climbing activity such as competition, standards, certification, courses and training, gathering and expedition in regular basis, and any other form of mountaineering and climbing related activities.

SEACF formed under Indonesian Law and formal office is in Bandung, Indonesia.

Executive Committees:

  • Rasip Isnin, Chairman (SMF Singapore)
  • Mohd Zaidi Roy Kamaruddin, General Secretary (PMM Malaysia)