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[02 Apr 2008] From SEACF 2008 Annual Meeting in Bangkok, 30 March 2008

SEACF Annual Meeting was held in Asia Hotel, Bangkok (Thailand) on March 30, 2008. All members were attend the meeting: Thailand, Singapore, Philipinnes, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei Darussalam.

The meeting results many important point for improvement of future climbing activity in the region, one of it is SEACF Vision 2008-2012 which will be the direction for the organization. Maman Hermansyah (INA) still got mandate to be SEACF president for the next term.

SEACF has proofed significant role for the development of climbing activity in Asia, and SEACF still committed to keep increasing his role also in international level. Support from all members is a key role of this achievement, each members has to maintain their own organization in align with the vision.

[13 Mar 2008] Annual SEACF Meeting 2008

The meeting will be held in Bangkok (Thailand) on March 30, 2008. Five members out of six SEACF members already confirmed to attend the meeting, only BSCF (Brunei Darussalam) still unconfirmed.

The most important agendas of the meeting is implementation of SEACF label system which will be a hope for any climbing equipment producer of the region. Other issue are calender and organisation structure of SEACF to prepare the implementation of AFTA in 2010.

[11 Feb 2008] SEACF Label

Most of climbing equipment still use UIAA label although the UIAA has no been managing the climbing activity since January 2007 world climbing federations established International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC).

Since initial climbing development equipment provider dominate by European companies, which assist to grow by the popularity of the sport, especially for significant equipment such as carabiners, ropes, and belay devices.

This month SEACF will try to discuss possibility to implement SEACF standard for climbing equipment. With the label, companies from ASEAN could produce equipment and get standard from SEACF then could go to the ASEAN market.

The idea of SEACF label is based on the goal to stimulate outdoor equipment manufacturers from the region, beside it become one important financial source for SEACF. Of course in the next other region could get benefit from our effort in this field.

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[25 Jul 2007] New Competition Format

In the last Annual Meeting in Bandar Seri Bagawan eraly July 2007, SEACF will implement new format of competition. In each year SEACF will only held two climbing competition those are: ASEAN Climbing Championship and ASEAN Youth Championship. This format of competition should be taken due to tighter climbing competition in resepective level: world series, asian, and country local.

ASEAN Youth Climbing Championship will be implemented early December this year in Thailand in conjunction to some courses in judge and route setter and instructor, while ASEAN Climbing Championship will be start next year competition.

The committee hope that this new format will assist climbing activity in the ASEAN region could get faster development not only in sport technical achievement but also popularity from lay people.

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[01 Jul 2007] The Sultan Brunei 001 - The First Sport Climbing Route in Brunei Darussalam

Tedi Ixdiana, a climber from Indonesia, just finish create a sport climbing route in Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang in Brambangan Island, Brunei Darussalam.

He claimed that the route, later given title The Sultan Brunei 001 because the route created in same day of the first day Sultan Hasanal Bolkiah birthday celebration that is July 1 2007, has 5.11b with 14 bolts length about 30m.

Tedi said that the cliff could have about 20 sport climbing routes, with difficulty level vary 5.9-5.13, but unfortunately time available for him has not permited him create more route. The route could be created due to big support from Moh Denos HN Hj Jaya and Shamsul Bahari from Brunei Darussalam Sport Climbing Federation (BSCF). They planned to create more route there in the near coming future, and hope Tedi could participate on it.

We hope with the route Brunei climbing community could be more extend rather than today. Maybe next time Brunei could host international climbing competition and other internasional climbing activities such as course and training. If you will try to enjoy climbing natural rock in Brunei please contact our friends in BSCF.