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[12 Feb 2009] 2009 Annual Meeting

SEACF will held this year annual meeting in Manila on first week of March. The meeting will evaluate the activities did in 2008, and planning for the upcoming time.

Main issue keep up to date are SEA Games and popularity of the sport. How we manage activities related to sport competition and adventure will also attractive issue in the meeting.

Of course each member federation will share information on their own main activity in the past year, which could be inspirational one to the others.

Manila, here we come..!!

[06 Feb 2009] SEA Games Dream is Still Alive

Since our first meeting in 2004 in Jakarta we have a dream to make our sport as one of competed event in SEA Games. We have chase the dream accordingly where we attend many meeting of SEA Games Federation in Manila before 2005 SEA Games Manila, and fortunately we could held climbing competition in the Quizon City during the SEA Games. We got very big support from our friend in SCAPI who has been local government aware of our event.

Now, we are approaching the next 2009 SEA Games in Jakarta, could our dream be realised in the city where we put our dream in 2004? The answer of the question relies much on all of our hand where we have to make necessary efforts in our own country to get a strong support from national sport council (NSC)or national olympic committee (NOC) or other agency such as ministry of sport. In addition to the effort, of course we have to improve our own sport in front of them such as increase climbing competitions or events. Good luck for all ASEAN climbing community.

[20 Aug 2008] 11 Mountaneers Get the Top of Rinjani

Today (8/20) at about 7am eleven mountaineers from Indonesia and Malaysia get the top of Rinjani (3.726 m above sea level). Some climbers can not reach the top got exhausted, and some are staying in the base camp for supporting. This expedition led by Roy (PMM) and Tedi Ixdiana (FPTI), 25 team members come from Malaysia while the remaining 27 for the host country.

This achievement will be a sign for new era of ASEAN mountaineering activity, where we do joint expedition under SEACF. Now we could have a dream to summit more challenging mountains, either in our region or other side of the world with wider public attention.

[19 Aug 2008] Two-Nations Rinjani Expedition

Today (8/19) more than 50 mountaineers from Malaysia and Indonesian start to reach the summit of Rinjani in Lombok Island. This activity is part of SEACF programe for the year of 2008. The aim of the activity is to promote mountaineering activity in the Southeast Asia region and to strengtening friendship among ASEAN mountaineers.

Next year SEACF will try to held the similar activity to summit one of the mountain in Malaysia which will attract more mountaineers from the region such as from Singapore, Filipina, Brunei Darussalam and Thailand.

[15 Aug 2008] Another ASEAN Standard Climbing Course in Indonesia

Supported by FPTI and Indonesian Army, Tedi will run another ASEAN standard climbing course located in two cities, Cilodong (north of Bogor) and Citatah (close to Bandung). The course will be held on August 28-30. Participants around the country will attend this course, unfortunately due to limited equipment the organizer only accept maximum 30 participants.

Some courses to come will be scheduled to be held within this year, but precise date still uncertain. Harau in West Sumatra in the most potential one to hel soon, since there are many cliffs there which is one of the great attractor for climbers to come. Click here for the brochure of the course (377kb).