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[15 May 2014] BREAKING NEWS: No Contest in The Sea Games 2015 Singapore

Rasip Isnin, the SEACF's President, inform recently that our beloved sport will not contest in the Sea Games 2015 in Singapore. The bad news for us has taken during SEA Games Fed Meeting end of April this year held in Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore.

The fact behind the decision: Indonesia's NOC proposed  to include the sport climbing, but not enough support from other member to include it the Games (must be supported minimum by 4 other countries including host country to include any sport to be in the Games).

ASEAN sport climbing community lead by SEACF will have to work harder in make our sport inclusion in the next SEA Games, the jobs to be done could be increase popularity of the sport within young generation and develop more event (recreational or competitional) every year in all ASEAN countries. If possible, the stakeholders could held any special big events during SEA Games 2015, like they have done in Quizon City in the 2005 SEA Games Manila, Phi.

We keep hoping, with all of our effort, that the 'success' of 2011 Sea Games in Palembang (Indonesia) will not the first and the final contest of sport climbing in the SEA Games.

[29 May 2013] Again, Sport Climbing in the SEA Games

Yes, sport climbing will be in the SEA Games, not this year 27th SEA Games 2013 in Myanmar, but in 28th SEA Games 2015 in Singapore. The Games schedule to be held within 5-16 June 2015 said Rasip Isnin, the President of SEACF today via wire mail.

This good news means that the sport climbing will be the second compete in the Games, after the first in Palembang, Indonesia. No detail of how many gold medals for the sport, mostly about 10 (ten) golds as in the Palembang, while Indonesia dominated the competition.

In Palembang 2011 there were six country participated in the sport climbing competition: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The are still a time to invite more countries of the region to enter the sport of the youth.

[16 Dec 2011] Sport Climbing in SEA Games XXVI Palembang

Sport climbing competition within the SEA Games XXVI 2011 was held successfully. Indonesian team was dominated the event with 9 gold medals out of ten, and Filipina team get one gold medal. Thai with 2 silvers and one bronze, Singapore with one silver and seven bronzes, Malaysia with one silver and two bronzes, and Vietname with one silver. Six countries participating countries send almost 56 climbers.

The event started from Nov 12 and end at Nov 18 without any disturbances under the hot air of Palembang City. Some athletes and officials from sport climbing also participated in the Opening Ceremony held in the Main Stadium of Jakabaring Sport City. All about the event please visit their wikipedia pages.

We will see sport climbing again in the SEA Games XXVIII 2015 in Singapore, and have to be realistic that in the SEA Games XXVII 2013 in Myanmar sport climbing can not be competed due to various limitation. See you in the next SEA Games.

[31 May 2011] New Comer in ASEAN Climbing

Vietnam has sent their signal to participate in sport climbing event in the SEA Games 2011 in Jakarta/South Sumatera next November. The coach of Vietnam climbing team has contact the SEACF to discuss it, to follow up the SEACF has sent them the Technical Handbook of the event to enable them to prepare the team better.

It is a good news for all six member of the SEACF which already in the federation, hope Vietnam could establish climbing federation soon then join the SEACF to develop climbing in the ASEAN Region.

Other potential ASEAN countries to develop of climbing activity are Timor Leste and Laos, many climbers reported that they saw this potential during their trip in both countries.

[17 May 2011] ASEAN Sport Climbing Circuit 2011 Malaysian Series in Putrajaya

This month PMM will host a series of ASEAN Climbing Circuit 2011. The series will held in Putrajaya Challenge Park, Putrajaya on 28-29 May.

Events will be competed are speed and lead (men/women). Climbers from ASEAN countries could register to participate. Contact your own climbing federation, for ASEAN countries which has no climbing federation could contact SEACF General Secretary for register your participation. No quota limit from each country, so each country could send as mush as they can, but only three climbers qualify for final round of each event.

This series is part of 2011 ASEAN Climbing Circuit. The next series plan to be held in Indonesia and Singapore. The Circuit is one of SEACF campaign for the next SEA Games 2011 in Indonesia which will compete sport climbing.

In conjunction of the circuit, PMM will also held national competition for open and novice categories, contact PMM if you have interest to participate in this local competition.