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[21 Sep 2017] SEA Climbing Circuit 2017 Bangkok Series is Getting Closer

About 40 climbers from Filipina, SIngapore, Malaysia, and Thailand as a host country already confirmed to participate in the Southeast Asia Climbing Circuit 2017 in Bangkok 29-30 Sept. Only left just one week to come.

The event will compete bouldering, and will be held indoor a Mall in Bangkok City. The judges and routestter will be coordinated by SEACF.

See you in Bangkok climbers and have a nice competition..

[20 Sep 2017] 2nd Instructor Training Course in Indonesia

FPTI now is hosting the Souteast Asia Climbing Standard (SEACS) Instructor Training Course (ITC) which has started yesterday in University of Riau Climbing Park in Pekanbaru. The course will be held in 4 days and will end in Oct 22. The course participants comes from Malaysia, Filipinna and of course from host country Indonesia. 

Mohd Amir Moostafa of Singapore acting as Instructor Assessor on behalf of SEACF. Roy Zaidi Kamaruddin and Setyo Dibyo Purnomo of SEACF and FPTI respectively supervise to enaure the activity run without unsolve problems. 

With this 2nd course, at the course hopefully Indonesia will have more than 30 instructors to run the certification system within the country, and for SEACF will have about 78 instructor. These figure are still nothing compare to potential climbers to be certificated. 

[16 Sep 2017] Wall Climbing Supervisor Course in Brunei Darussalam

BSCF and SEACF in the first of this month wast held The Wall Activity Supervisor course at Up Climbing Center (Bandar Seri Bengawan) and PKBN (Temburong). 

There were 17 new participants and 3 refresher.  The course was conducted by Mohd Amir Mosstafa of SMF as the lead Instructor and assisted by Instructor Dale Koh and Instructor Razak Bin Hidup.

The course participants are gearing up to supervise the new batch of youth for the National Service.

[04 Sep 2017] Bangkok Bouldering Competition 2017

Sport Climbing Association of Thailand (SCAT) is in final steps to prepare bouldering competition in Bangkok 29 Sep - 1 October 2017, the events will be held indoor of a shoppping mall in Bangkok. 

There will be two separated events, national open and ASEAN open. The ASEAN open competition will be sanctioned as SEACF Climbing Circuit.

The organizer will provide prize money for the winners. Top climbers from ASEAN countries hopefully will participate of the event. For more info and registration you could  contact your national federation. 

[08 Jul 2017] Points from SEACF Annual Meeting 2017

In any spare time during Asian Youth Championship 2017 in Singapore, SEACF was held their 2017 Annual Meeting yesterday (7/7) which attended by delegates from FPTI, PMM, SMF, SCAPI and SCAT.

There are some important points come out of the meeting such as: SCAT will organize SEACF Climbing Competition in Sep 29-30 this year, while PMM will do it between end of Oct to early Nov. These competitions are to be warm up for our climbers before they are going to higher Asian or world level.

Each delegate also has an opportunity to present climbing activity updates in their respective country. Meanwhile SEACF's President reported the implementation of SEACF climbing standards, and reminding to all federation the objectives of this initiative for our organization future development. 

The last point was member federations aggreed to extend the current SEACF's President, Mr Rasip Isnin, for another term until 2020.