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[06 Apr 2007] SEA Climbing Circuit 2007

Yogyakarta has locked for the first series in the SEA Climbing Circuit 2007 host, July 11-12.

The competetion will be held in the City of Yogyakarta, a well-known cultural city in Indonesia beside Bali. Yogyakarta is also has other name as the student city which means cost of living here very affordable for backpacker standard.Yogyakarta could be reach by fligth directly from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and of course Jakarta international airports .

Hopefully climbers from Singapore, Malaysian, Thailand, Filipina, and Brunei Darussalam could participate in this series. Climbers from Australia and New Zealand or other country are also welcome, just contact your local federation to register your name to SEACF.

Yogyakarta's series will held just a day after IFSC-ACC Asian Youth Cup 2007 (July 8-11) in the same venue. Detail of the series will be posted as soon as available.

Due to tigth competition schedule in the world, this year only limited series will be held. After the Yogyakarta's series, SEA Climbing Circuit will go to Bangkok, Thailand at December.

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[06 Apr 2007] ASEAN Climbing Standards in Commercial

SEACF will initiate official meeting toward ASEAN Climbing Standard either in Jakarta or Singapore next August.

Officials from ministry of labour from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philliines will be invited to the meeting. They will seat in one table with sport climbing federations member of SEACF.

The meeting will try to merge climbing in the sport/adventure activities and industrial activities at other side. Accident rate due to climbing activities in the commercial are very high, it causes most by lack of technical skill of the labour force and lack of equipment provided by the business entreprenuers. The most important objectives of the meeting are to certify people and equipment that are very expensive if we apply CE or US standard which we believe as a factor of less implementation of safety standards in the commercial side in the ASEAN region. Other impact from the meeting is less fortunate sport and adventure climbers could have possibility to a new profession in the commercial field such as to be work-at-heigth supervisors and the like.

SEACF will propose Southeast Climbing Standards as a formal standard within ASEAN region for both sport/adventure, and commercial fields.

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[06 Apr 2007] FPTI has a New President

Following 2007 FPTI General Assembly yesterday in Jakarta, Mayor Jendral Rosyid Qurnaen was elected to be FPTI's President for 2007-2011 term.

Accordingly the new President has choosen F Hendricus Mutter and Adiseno to be FPTI's Executive Director and General Secretary respectively and other names for other positions in the FPTI's structure.

Congratulation to Mr Rosyid as the new president of FPTI, and SEACF hope that FPTI keep playing significant role in the development of ASEAN climbing.
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[06 Apr 2007] SEACF 2007 Annual Meeting in Bandar Seri Bagawan.

BSCF has confirmed to host SEACF Annual Meeting in Bandar Seri Bagawan on June 30.

They hope this event could boost Brunei sport climbing development to next level. BSCF realise that sport climbing development in Brunei are very slow, compare to other SEACF members. From this meeting all SEACF member will try to see possibility to held Southeast Climbing Circuit in Bandar Seri Bagawan in 2008.

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[06 Apr 2007] SEACF Instructor Training Course, KL, March 2-6, 2007

The first instructor training course was held in KL from March 2-6, 2007. The course participated by 16 candidated from Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

In the opening ceremony was did by Sport Director of Ministry of Sport and Youth, Government of Malaysia, General Secretary of SEACF Mr Rasip Isnin which also acting as project officer of the implementation of the Southeast Asia Climbing Standard mentioned that this first course will be a landmark of ASEAN climbing history. All participant will be a pioneer in promoting safe climbing activity in their own country.

This 5 days course lead by two qualified instructors from Singapore Mountaineering Federation, Mohd Amir and Aizan, run smoothly in classroom, climbing gym and Bukit Damai Batu Caves.