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[16 Apr 2018] ITC Participants from Myanmar and Cambodia

Some participants from Myanmar and Combodia have confirmed and registered to attent the ITC in Bali next week, beside some Indonesian. Expected there will be around 20 participants at all. 

The ITC will be held in Neo Hotel Denpasar and Songan Cliff Bangli Bali, about 2 hour from the hotel. 

Registration of the course still open, so hurry up to register. 

[31 Mar 2018] The 3rd ITC Course in Indonesia

FPTI will held another SEACF Instructor Training Course (ITC) in April 24-29 this year. It will be the third for Indonesia, after Jakarta and Pekanbaru have done last year.

This upcoming Indonesian's ITC will be in Bali, the most beatiful island in Indonesia. Please read the course detail in the course's brochure.

Indonesia expect to have about 300 climbing instructors until the next 3 years, up to now there are just about 37 instructors. This high expectation is one of the FPTI's preparation of the climbing fever post of Olympic 2020, where sport climbing will be the first compete as medal sport in the event.

So, go on to signup the course by visit this link and come to Bali. We will not describe what the Bali is, we believe you have more knowledge than us.

[16 Mar 2018] Eiger's Support on ITC Indonesia 2018

Eiger Adventure, the Indonesian biggest adventure equipment producer, will support the SEACF ITC in Indonesia held on the end of April. Eiger's involvement in this SEACF's activities does not the first time, Eiger has been support us while we held SEACF Sport Climbing Circuit 2011.

WIth this support, SEACF and ASEAN climbing community will move  faster in disseminating the safe climbing movement. This movement will ensure that the community will earn maximum benefit of the sport climbing without worry about the risk.

Of course SEACF hope could develop a long-term cooperation with any entity to promote and take benefit of the climbing activity, as we have known that the sport climbing is a medal sport event in the next Asian Games 2018 Jakarta-Palembang and Olympic 2020 Tokyo.

For online registration visit this link until April 20.

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[27 Feb 2018] Busy Time of ASEAN Climbing in 2018

This year ASEAN climbing communities will have very stricts time due some world, Asia and ASEAN level events. 

In Asian level, the most important one is Asian Games 2018 in Palembang Indonesia will be held in the mid of August. It will be the giant leap of the sport climbing movement. 

Since last two years SEACF and SCAPI have been working hand-in-hand to make sport climbing to be re-included as a medal sport in the next SEA Games 2019 in Philippines. 

SEACF’s Instructor Training Courses this year scheduled to be in early May in Bandung, Indonesia and may be around September in Manila, Phipinnes. 

The 2nd ASEAN Sport Climbing Symposium will be held in Rangoon, Myanmar about Sep/Oct, this event is still waiting for confirmation from Myanmar's climbing official. This event is a place where sport climbing communities delegate from federations and businesses discussing current and future of the sport climbing development.

That’s are some points arised during SEACF officials meeting in the Luneta Hotel, Manila, Philippines 24-26 Feb 2018. 

[11 Feb 2018] SEACF Meet up at Yogyakarta

Members of SEACF met on 10/2/18 at Yogjakarta for an update of the Road To The 2018 Asian Games.

Sport Climbing will be one of the medal sport to be competed at the Games.

SEACF members from Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam gave their comments to send athletes for the event.

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[30 Jan 2018] What to Do This Year?

Next month SEACF will held 2018 Annual Meeting in Manila Philllipinnes, this meeting to decide any programmes to be done this year. It must be come from each member to contribute either competetions, courses or training, climbing gatherings or workshops  

SEACF achivement is mostly depend on its members federation, that s why all member have to pllay an active role throgh initiatives and execution of any ideas. 

The on going important thing must be discussed is re-enter sport climbing into the SEA Games movement. All members have to move hand-in-hand to realize it, of course it’s not an easy but it’s not an impossible one. Have a nice day.

[13 Nov 2017] Welcome to the Cambodia Climbing Federation

SEACF Welcome the Cambodia Climbing Federation  (CCF).

Today (11/13), the SEACF's President, Mr Rasip Isnin, has announced that we have a new member from Cambodia that is Cambodia Climbing Federation, CCF for short. With this new member, now SEACF have 7 member federations.

We look forward to an interesting partnership ahead with CCF.

[08 Oct 2017] The First ASEAN Climbing Symposium in Ho Chi Minh City

Yesterday morning the First ASEAN Climbing Symposium was held in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam. The symposium hosted by Vertical Academy and attended by climbing gyms companies from Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia, and also by some big names in climbing business from China and Japan,  meet up together to shared knowlegde and experiences.

Each delegate described their own business challenges and opportunity, and realised the importance of the meeting where they could get solve their problem from other experiences. 

One common issues arised is less popularity of the climbing activity among some respected country, it will need assistance of the SEACF to approach each government officials and climbing/mountaineering federation to promote the activity thru competition, certification, gathering and other related activity. 

SEACF will make the symsosium, where climbing businesses and climbing activist meet without border, to be an authorised regular event in the future. The next symposium will be held in Yangoon Myanmar where time and place will be informed later in the Annual Meeting. 

[03 Oct 2017] SEACF on the Cartenz Pyramid

Palah Sabarudin and Adi Cahyadi Wibowo, two Indonesian SEACF's instructors, have reached the top of Cartenz Pyramid (4.884 above sea level) in Papua (Indonesia) at Oct 1. 

They were started summitting the peak on Sep 25, two days after the final day of their participation in the SEACF ITC Pekanbaru Riau Indonesia. 

Their achievement will motivate us to held next SEACF expeditions, which will involve all federation member of SEACF, to reach highest points within ASEAN region. 

Congrats to both of you. 

[02 Oct 2017] Supports for Vietnam Climbing Community

Today, SEACF Technical Director, Maman Hermansyah, has done a lunch meeting with Mr. Ngoc Anh - Director of Vietnam Sports Administration and Mr. Tuan - Deputy Director of Vietnam Sports Administration, Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Socialist Republic of Vietnam accompanied by Jean Verly and his manager of VietClimb in Pan Pacific Hotel Hanoi. The main objective of the meeting is for the introduction of the SEACF and our activity. 

The Director said that Vietnam will invite SEACF to develop sport climbing in Vietnam in the near future, such as in the implementation of the Southeast Asia Climbing Standard (SEACS), climbing certification, competitions, and climbing areas development.

The Director also mentioned that the government will fully support of the Vietnam climbing community who will manage and control climbing activity across Vietnam. It's good sign for Vietnam climbing community to organize themself and coordinate with the officials to make up a plan for the future of Vietnam climbing.