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[08 Jul 2017] Points from SEACF Annual Meeting 2017

In any spare time during Asian Youth Championship 2017 in Singapore, SEACF was held their 2017 Annual Meeting yesterday (7/7) which attended by delegates from FPTI, PMM, SMF, SCAPI and SCAT.

There are some important points come out of the meeting such as: SCAT will organize SEACF Climbing Competition in Sep 29-30 this year, while PMM will do it between end of Oct to early Nov. These competitions are to be warm up for our climbers before they are going to higher Asian or world level.

Each delegate also has an opportunity to present climbing activity updates in their respective country. Meanwhile SEACF's President reported the implementation of SEACF climbing standards, and reminding to all federation the objectives of this initiative for our organization future development. 

The last point was member federations aggreed to extend the current SEACF's President, Mr Rasip Isnin, for another term until 2020. 

[07 Jul 2017] The Next Gen Asian Climbers

From July 5, about 430 young climbers from 15 Asian countries come to Singapore to compete in the Asian Youth Championship 2017, even dozen climbers from Kazakhtan must fly about 12 hours to arrive here in Singapore. The event held in Gorilla Climbing Gyms in Bedok, Singapore til July 9. They are the next generation of Asian climbers for the new coming era of sport climbing after the sport defintely included in the Olympic, of course each of the climbers are the icon in their own country.

This Asian Youth Champioshipn could be held in the effort of Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF) and IFSC ACC, assist by some volunteers from FPTI and PMM.

In this event there will be special event competetion will be treat as qualification for Youth Olympic 2018 in Buenes Aires. The event will be a combination of all three event traditionally compete: lead, bouldering, and speed. The event is also for the first time launch before run in Olympic 2020 Tokyo.

[12 Jun 2017] Instructor Training Refresher Course in Bandar Seri Bagawan

We did refresher course in  Brunei Darussalam yesterday (6/11) for five instructors of Brunei Darussalam Sport Climbing Federation (BSCF) and Persekutuan Mendaki Malaysia (PMM).

The course was held in Indoor climbing gym of Up Climbing Center in Bandar Seri Bagawan which have about 24 routes.

Instructor Assessor Mohd Amir conducted the refresher course. And thanks to Up Climbing Center for the nice climbing gym.

Foto: Taken just after the course in front of one side Up Climbing Center. 

[11 Jun 2017] Asian Para Climbing Competition

Mid of May 2017, IFSC Asian Climbing Council (IFSC ACC) has agreed the inclusion of para climbing in the ACC agenda. Para climbing have to be held in yearly basis, Asian Para Climbing Cup will be started from 2017, while Asia Para Climbing Championship from 2018.

This year, for the introduction ACC has decided to make para climbing competition in Bangalore (India) December 2-3 as the first Asian Para Climbing Cup .

We hope this movement will enable us to make our sport climbing activity is really for all people, without any exclusion, especially within our Asian region. And our para climbers could reach similar level as their peers in other continent such as Europe.

Foto: Sabar Gorky taken from

[03 Jun 2017] Kerinci Merdeka Expedition 2017

SEACF and FPTI will be organising a mountaineering expedition to summit Mount Kerinci in Jambi province. The peak is the highest in Sumatera Island at about 3.805 meter above sea level and is located within the Kerinci Seblat National Park, the home of Sumatran Tigers and Rhinceros. 

To reach the mountain, we have to land in Jambi Airport, which could be reached from Jakarta International Airport or Batam Airport. From Jambi Airport, we will need to drive to Kayu Aro village for about 6 hours, followed by trekking.

This 4 days event is to mark the National Independence Day celebration of SEACF member countries like Indonesia on 17 Aug, Singapore on 9 Aug and Malaysia on 31 Aug. 

Similar expedition was previously done in August 2008 to Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island attracting some 50 climbers from our region. 

More information like cost and detail schedule will be made available soonest.

If you are interested to join this expedition and are citizen of ASEAN countries, please enquire from your National Mountaineering Federation. To preserve the nature only limited number of participants will be accepted.