About SEACS Standard

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[23 Jan 2018]

The Southeast Asia Climbing Standard (SEACS) established in early 2007 which came up on the need to common climbing practice among SEACF federation members, especially when their climbers jump into one event together such as competitions, courses or jam session in the climbing park or gym .

The foundation of the standard provided by SMF which already run the standard couple years before.

Management of the standard run by special administration officer under the president supervision. The main tasks of the officer is to monitore and evaluate existing standards to keep it up-to-date and seek of possibility to issue any new standards may require by the community to ensure safety and enhance the activity. 

As implementation of the standard, we develop certification processCurrently there are three categories of certificates: sport climbing, rock climbing, and abseilling. 

Sport Climbing

  1. Level-1
  2. Level-2
  3. Level-3
  4. Supervisor Level
  5. Instructor Cat-1
  6. Instructor Cat-2

Rock Climbing

  1. Level-1
  2. Level-2
  3. Instructor Cat-1
  4. Instructor Cat-2


  1. Level-1
  2. Level-2